Leadership Training Course Overview

GHF will offer a comprehensive leadership program for economically disadvantaged men, women, and youth, which is designed to motivate and teach them how to be effective leaders.

1. Effective Communication – Understand that the skills of communicating well are not just for presentations but can be used when one is sharing ideas. Learn to communicate with adults.

2. Discovering Your Vision – What are your natural talents and passions, and how to use them to achieve success

3. Setting Goals – Taking the time to set and write down your goals and use them to achieve your vision

4. Preparing Your Plans – Use planning as a step in reaching goals and fulfilling visions.

5. Problem Solving – Discuss the similarities between planning and problem solving

6. Leadership Approaches – Discuss the 4 leadership approaches (Explaining, Demonstrating, Guiding, and Enabling) and apply them to team development

7. Teaching EDGE – Describe the 4 steps of the Teaching Edge (Explain, Demonstrate, Guide, Enable) and how to use effective communications skills as a tool for teaching

8. Resolving Conflicts – Describe ways that a good leader minimizes conflict. Learn how to use EAR (Express, Address, Resolve) as a tool for resolving conflict.

9. Making Ethical Decisions – Give a definition for “ethics” and discuss the importance of ethical decision-making

10. Leading Yourself – Discuss the importance of having a personal vision and the phases of personal development (Forming, Storming, Norming, Performing)

11. Valuing People – How to act in an ethical manner in dealing with people whose core values differ from ours. How to use ROPE (Reach, Organize, Practice, Experience) to strengthen these action strategies